Vanilla Ice Cream

One dessert staple that never goes out of style is vanilla ice cream. This Article provides a thorough overview of the top Vanilla Ice Cream brands, emphasizing their distinctive features and tastes. With options ranging from the real touch of Blue Bunny to the rich and creamy flavors of Ben & Jerry’s, we have something for every taste and occasion.

Vanilla Ice Cream from Ben & Jerry’s: A Rich and Creamy Treat

Vanilla Ice Cream

Though their creative flavors have made Ben & Jerry’s renowned, their vanilla ice cream is a real hidden gem. This ice cream, which is well-known for its rich, buttery vanilla flavor, combines actual vanilla beans with vanilla extract to create an opulent experience. It’s delicious not only by itself but also as a perfect complement to pies and other sweets due to its creamy texture.

Blue Bunny Vanilla Ice Cream: A Cost-Effective Daily Option

A great option for people looking for a blend of quality and affordability is Blue Bunny Vanilla Ice Cream. It has a homemade feel to it because of its rich, creamy texture and aromatic vanilla taste with bits of actual vanilla beans. This makes it ideal for gatherings where a lot of ice cream is needed, including socials or milkshake churning.

Handcrafted Natural Vanilla Ice Cream: A Luxurious Sweet Cream Treat

Because of its well-balanced texture, which is neither too rich nor too light, the Homemade Brand stands out. Its nostalgic, homemade ice cream vibe is enhanced by the addition of vanilla bean flecks, which add to the flavor of creamy sweet cream. It’s a delicious choice for people who like their vanilla flavor more subdued.

Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream Graeter’s

Graeter’s Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream is rich and artisanal, providing a luxurious vanilla experience. This brand stands apart in the world of upscale ice creams because of the use of Madagascar vanilla beans, which guarantee a rich and genuine flavor.

The Time-Honored Classic, Breyers Natural Vanilla Ice Cream

Breyers is a historical brand that is closely associated with quality and history. Their Natural Vanilla Ice Cream is a flexible option that goes well with a variety of dishes and toppings because of its sweet, creamy texture. Its well-established reputation guarantees a continuously delicious vanilla taste.

Breyers Vanilla Natural

Vanilla Ice Cream

I was personally devastated by this: we were Breyers People when we were kids, and everyone believed that the brand was better than everything else. Unfortunately, it appears that I have been lying all these years because our tasters thought this one was “sad” and “boring.” Many reported a faint aftertaste that they were unable to identify, while the consistency was characterized as “icy” and “glacial.” (Price: 12 cents per ounce, $5.99 for 48 ounces at Safeway)

Vanilla Ice Cream Edy’s

Score: 29

Our tasters felt that there was too much whipping. One person complained, “Too much air.” Another said, “Foamy.” “#Staypuft, my friends,” a third person said. “But don’t purchase these items.” And with the ultimate dismissal, a music fan called out Ariana Grande, saying, “Thank u, next!” (Price: 10 cents per ounce at Food Lion / $4.99 for 48 ounces)

Vanilla Bean Halo Top

Score: 36

This relatively new company has come a long way by establishing itself as a lower-calorie option that can be enjoyed by the pint. In an attempt to compensate for the reduced amount of cream, texture-adding substances such as vegetable glycerin and soluble maize fiber ended up making the tasters’ mouths feel greasy. One said, “It’s a stick of frozen, unsalted butter.” “It tastes a little fatty,” said someone another. While some tasters enjoyed the creaminess, many were put off by the product’s artificial sweetness (erythritol and stevia leaf extract). One even detected the impostor and said, “Halo Top, you’ve been made!” (At Target, it costs $5.49 for 16 ounces, or 34 cents per ounce).

Vanilla Ice Cream Blue Bunny

Score: 37

Tasters perceived this sample to be watery, which was the opposite issue from Halo Top. One said, regretfully, “I want more dairy richness, TBH.” Another person said, “Not as creamy as the others.” Comments like “oddly minty?” “a little bubble-gummy at the end” and “like opening a bottle of vanilla extract — too strong and a bit astringent at the end” were made because the vanilla wasn’t hitting the correct notes. (At Walmart, it costs $4.48 for 48 ounces, or 9 cents per ounce.)

Vanilla Bean Turkey

Score: 39

This was the most divisive participant out of all of them. It was deemed their absolute favorite by two tasters, who complimented it on its rich milk and cream flavor and described it as “marshmallow-y but in a good way.” However, it received a lot of negative feedback, including two ratings of 1, the lowest possible. The main grievance was the unusual flavor. One said, “Noticeably different taste than the others—cotton candy?” Another said, “It’s like ice cream that tastes like birthday cake.” Sniffing, one said. Note: The image that goes with this post incorrectly shows Turkey Hill’s Original Vanilla variation; we tried their Vanilla Bean flavor. (At Wegmans, it costs $6.39 for 46 ounces, or 14 cents per ounce.)

Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean (7, Tied)

Score: 40

This brand was doomed by more texture issues, with some criticizing a “chalky,” “gritty” consistency. Like the filling of an Oreo, someone said. Even with the bean specks, many found the flavor to be tastier than they would have liked. One person said, “No taste—it’s like whipped cream before you add the sugar and vanilla.” (At Walmart, it costs $8.32 for 64 ounces, or 13 cents per ounce.)


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(A knot) Outstanding Value Starbucks Vanilla Bean

Score: 40

Whoa, here’s another brand that tasters felt needed to ratchet up the vanilla. Its faint, whispery flavor was described as “subtle” by no fewer than five tasters. A few like the silky mouthfeel, and another mentioned that it “held up” and didn’t melt as quickly as the other samples, which may be advantageous for dining alfresco in warm weather. (Price: $2.67 at Walmart for 48 ounces, or 6 cents per ounce)

Whole Foods 365 Vanilla

Score: 42

This sample’s daffodil color stood out in an ocean of white. While some members of our panel thought the yellow tint was unappealing, everyone agreed that it had more custard-like or French vanilla energy than its more bean-forward brethren. They complimented the Goldilocks level of sugar—”sweet but not too sweet”—and the buttery, creamy texture. However, several tasters criticized it for being overly subtle once more. One person remarked, “I’d put it on a flavorful cobbler or crumble, maybe.” (Price: $5.99 / 48 ounces; 12 cents per ounce at Whole Foods)

Vanilla Bean Häagen-Dazs

Score: 44

One criticism leveled about this one was that it appeared thinner than the others and looked to melt faster than the others (a glance at the ingredients revealed there are no stabilizers in the mixture). Additionally, one taster found more ice crystals than the others. On the plus side, though, they declared the abundance of vanilla particles to be “very beany!” (At Target, it costs $5.99 for 14 ounces or 43 cents per ounce).

French Vanilla Trader Joe’s

This buttery yellow sample was identified as French vanilla by 46 tasters, and many were drawn to its uncomplicated appeal that evoked fond memories. One person stated, “It’s what I think of as vanilla.” “It tastes like a Fourth of July parade in the Midwest.” The general impression seems to be that the flavor was “acceptable in a middle-of-the-road kind of way,” while a few people felt it was more of an imitation than the actual thing and one person questioned whether it had suffered freezer burn. (Price: Trader Joe’s $4.49 for 32 ounces, or 14 cents per ounce)

Vanilla Bean from Tillamook

Score: 48

Several tasters concurred that this ice cream was lighter than rich, and a few expressed a wish that it had more flavor. But because it didn’t upset anyone in general, it crept up to the top of the list. One thought, “Could be a crowd pleaser.” Another person said, “Would be an easy milkshake foundation.” (At Safeway, it costs $7.29 for 48 ounces, or 15 cents per ounce.)

The Contest

The Kirkland Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream from Costco tasted strong and boozy, and it had a similar thick, stretchy, gooey feel as Edy’s. “It’s like someone poured vanilla extract over the scoop before serving,” one taster remarked. given many tasters, which made it unappealing; yet, given the price, it’s a good-quality ice cream with a high-fat content. It would likely be great as a milkshake, float, or as a counterbalance with some fresh fruit:

  • Breyers Handmade Vanilla occupied a central position in our rankings. It was medium in consistency, neither too thick nor too fluffy, with a moderate, sweet cream vanilla flavor. It didn’t particularly impress us, but we didn’t find it insulting either.
  • Compared to other Breyers vanilla variants, Breyers Natural Vanilla contains fewer ingredients (milk, cream, sugar, vegetable gum, and natural flavor). However, nearly all tasters noted that the mouthfeel is thin and watery. The taste of the vanilla was bland, sugary, and nearly fruity.
  • After tasting Trader Joe’s French Vanilla, our panelists all said it was bland and uninteresting. Most of all, it tasted sweet.
  • While the texture of Tillamook Vanilla Bean was creamy and slightly chewy, it was generally deemed to be dull and flat by most of us.
  • The Favorite Day at Target Vanilla Bean had a texture that was similar to Turkey Hill’s Vanilla Bean—it was milky, foamy, and light. However, we thought the flavor was a little too sweet and bland. It was icy, according to a few tasters.
  • The Favorite Day at Target Made at Home We thought maybe our container had been filled with the wrong Vanilla Ice Cream had such an odd orange-yellow tint. The flavor was more dulce de leche-like than vanilla, and the texture was fluffy and strangely stable (it didn’t melt).
  • Whole Foods Organic’s 365 Some of us thought the strange aftertaste of Vanilla Ice Cream was a little corny or barnyard-like. Additionally, despite not being artificial, the vanilla that was delivered tasted a little fake.

Whole Foods’ 365 The organic form of Vanilla Ice Cream from the retail brand has the same corny feel about it. It was overly sweet, according to a few tasters as well.

Like the 365 vanillas, Alden’s Organic Vanilla Bean tasted like creamy dairy, which turned off a lot of people.

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