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We taste-tested cones from four different brands, all available online or at your neighborhood grocery shops, to determine which are the best bets for your freezer this summer.

July is the best month to enjoy ice cream in a cone, especially if you can do it outside with a sprinkler nearby. Cones have the ability, even if only for ten minutes, to evoke for many people the pleasant memories of summertime spent growing up: little obligations and anxieties other than the prospect of getting ice cream on their shirt. They’re an excellent opportunity to relax, go outside, and indulge in something extraordinary.

In better years, we probably would advise you to treat yourself to a freshly dipped cone at your neighborhood Ice Cream Cones shop to make the most of your summer. In light of the ongoing requirement for social distancing and isolation protocols, most people won’t be planning that excursion this year. However, there’s no reason to forgo cone delicacies altogether. We taste-tested cones from four different brands, all available online or at your neighborhood grocery shops, to determine which are the best bets for your freezer this summer. When conducting this test, we focused primarily on cone varieties that included a firm chocolate shell or a nut topping. We also sampled a few variety packs that contained different iterations of this dessert with a sundae theme. These are our rankings in order of preference.

Ice Cream Cones Fatboy ($5.89 for 4)


The vanilla Ice Cream Cones FatBoy’s was still visible through the pieces of chocolate coating and nut sprinkles that adorned the top, in contrast to most of the other cone delicacies we tried. However, you might be forgiven for believing that FatBoy contained more chocolate shells than some of its rivals if you closed your eyes while eating their product. A softer fudge swirl and pieces of FatBoy’s firm chocolate shell are scattered throughout the cone. For those who especially love the nuts that top most readymade cone delights, some nuts are stirred into the ice cream, adding to the cone’s allure. Although FatBoy’s treats are among the priciest on this list, they are still worthwhile if you’re an avid lover of high-quality cone snacks, as their boxes only include four.

The Best Ice Cream Cones with Vanilla Flavor

Vanilla Mini Swirls from Blue Bunny ($4.29 for 8)

It should come as no surprise that Blue Bunny dominates the best vanilla category in this taste test, given our high regard for the vanilla in our round-up Ice Cream Cones. While Blue Bunny’s vanilla has a faint artificial taste, it’s the ideal touch for those moments when you want a sweet, nostalgic delight. The mini swirl line offers just the right amount of ice cream to satiate a mild hunger without making you feel lethargic afterward. Blue Bunny’s selections may offer the finest value if you search for smaller servings to satisfy your sweet taste.

Top Chocolate Coating

Strawberry, Vanilla Fudge, and Vanilla Super Nugget Variety Pack from Drumstick ($8.49 for 8)

While the chocolate chunk at the end of each cone is undoubtedly a delicious feature, we can’t say that Drumstick’s “super nugget” is significantly bigger or better than the hardened chocolate pool at the bottom of some of the other cones we tried. Drumstick certainly exaggerates the quality of its “super nugget” on its variety packs. We will concede, though, that Drumstick appears to have a more significant advantage with its chocolate shell. It’s a bonus that the texture is closest to a freshly-dipped Dairy Queen cone, and during our testing, the body also came off the cone the least after being bitten. Drumstick covers you if you’re partial to the cone’s chocolate shell.


We would like to speak briefly with the person who thought it was a good idea to insert a gumball into the bottom of a snow cone. Original from the 1970s, Good Humor’s Screwball comes in cherry and blue raspberry flavors. Although the original Screwball came with just one gumball, the business later gave overachievers a two-ball surprise. The taste of this novelty is bland, and scraping through the frozen, slushed Ice Cream Cones the gumball isn’t worth the effort, which is our most significant complaint.

Dinky Dippers Miniature Ice Cream Cones are the Best Mini

These little cones are cake/wafer type, despite their appearance of being sugar cones. They taste perfect, too! We’ve tasted several minis, and after comparing quality and price, we believe Dinky Dippers offers the best value.

Top Waffle Cones: Waffle, Keebler Ice Cream Cones

Waffle cones are the distant relative of sugar cones, which we overlooked when we stated that there are two groups of ice cream cone fans: cake and sugar. After tasting several boxed waffle cones, we concluded that Keebler’s tasted the best.

The Greatest Organic Cones: Sugar Ice Cream Cone, Let’s Do Organics

We were a little surprised to discover that so few organic cone options are available, even though there is an organic alternative for almost everything. Let’s Do Organics was the most excellent option out of all the ones we tried.

Cone of Sugar

A sugar cone is the most popular option for ice cream lovers worldwide, as it is the sweetest and crunchiest kind of cone. Molasses and brown sugar are common ingredients in these cones, contributing to their density and distinct flavor. They keep their structural integrity when ice cream melts on hot summer days, making them perfect for piling many scoops and flavors on top of each other. They can carry a lot of ice cream thanks to their flat top and pointed tips.

Waffle Cone vs. Sugar Cone

Many people mistake sugar cones for smaller waffle cones, but there are numerous distinctions between the two that go beyond just size. Cones of sugar are thick and have a flat, firm brim to support ice cream piled on top. Sugar cones are better for slow eaters than waffle cones because they don’t get soggy as fast and are denser than the latter.

Waffle cones are more prominent, fluffier, and feature a wider variety of flavors than sugar cones. The edge is conical with a jagged lip, primarily intended to hold ice cream inside the cone. The most excellent waffle cones are created in-house with a particular battle and a press; however, you may purchase them in bulk.

Various Cones of Ice Cream

In addition to the typical cake, sugar, and waffle cones, various ice cream cones give your choices a playful touch. With an extra twist for added benefit, these cones still feature the base of a cake, sugar, or waffle cone. They not only attract guests, but they also let you offer more on your menu than just scoops of ice cream. A selection of our top-rated specialty Ice Cream Cones is provided below:

Twin cone: A twin cone allows you to serve many scoops of ice cream to your customers, making it the ideal two-for-one treat. Your scoops are arranged in the two spherical cups, allowing each flavor to take center stage.

Chocolate-dipped cone: A chocolate-dipped cone has a thick, chocolate-coated rim dipped in creamy milk chocolate. Cones can be purchased already fallen, or you can drop your cake, waffle, or sugar cones.

Pretzel cone: A delicious variation that accentuates the sweet flavors of your ice cream, pretzel cones offer a crunchy and salty take on your classic cone flavor.

Ice Cream Cones wafers: You can layer them to make an ice cream cake base or use them to make your unique ice cream sandwiches.

Cone without gluten: By including gluten-free cones in your inventory, you can guarantee that your customers will enjoy your delicious and sweet goods.

Kid cone: Kids can enjoy an extra sweet treat with their ice cream with a kid cone, and these little sizes allow you to offer the appropriate kids’ scoop quantity.


Are ice cream cones from the store gluten-free?

Several manufacturers have gluten-free ice cream cone options, so people following special diets can still indulge in their favorite frozen sweets.

Which one works best for double scoops?

For double scoops, waffle cones make the perfect base—tough but tasty; they balance the richness of two ice cream tastes.

Do tiny ice cream cones have a variety of flavors?

Of course! Tiny ice cream cones provide a fun touch to your dessert experience because they frequently come in various flavors. A small cone is available, ranging from traditional vanilla to exotic alternatives.

Do ice cream cones come in low-calorie options?

Yes, there are options for low-calorie ice cream cones. Discover cones with our guidance to sate your sweet desire without sacrificing too many calories.

Are there options for organic ice cream cones?

Of course! Nowadays, many companies provide organic ice cream cone options, giving health-conscious customers a natural and healthful substitute.

Which varieties of ice cream cones are the most unusual?

Get your taste buds ready for an adventure! Matcha and lavender are just two of the unusual ice cream cone flavors that greatly vary the classic cone experience.

To Sum Up

There are options to suit every palette and desire in the exciting and diverse world of store-bought ice cream cones. Selecting the ideal cone that brings out the flavors and textures of your preferred frozen treat may elevate your delight in ice cream. With our guidance, you’ll be ready for a delectable exploration voyage.

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