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Joanna Goddard blogs about motherhood, fashion, design, and lifestyle from her home in New York City at Cup of Jo. Goddard launched the website in 2007, and since then, Jenny Rosenstrach, Jannelle Sanchez, Thao Thai, Alex Ronan, Christine Pride, and Catherine Newman have contributed as writers and editors. Former contributors include Ashley C. Ford, Donofrio, Chidi, Rhodes, and Blackmon. Goddard’s article for Elle, Glamour, Bene, The New York Times, and New York Magazine. Refinery 29 named Goddard the “Queen of the Blogosphere” in 2011.

Past Events

Cup of Jo was Joanna Goddard’s 2007 weekend side project. When Goddard started blogging, she wrote short, “off-the-cuff” posts and shared funny web finds. Goddard currently calls Cup of Jo an online magazine with major topic debates, employment interviews, house tours, long-form essays, and beauty courses. The blog now gets 5.5 million page views and over 1 million unique visitors every month, covering fashion, beauty, design, food, travel, relationships, motherhood, and lifestyle. Goddard sells advertisements and works with J. Crew, Nordstrom, and Outdoor Voices.

Joanna Goddard was born in Paris in 1979 with her twin sister Lucy Kalanithi, widow of neurologist and author Paul Kalanithi. Goddard was reared in France, England, and Michigan before graduating from Michigan in 2001. Goddard moved to New York City after graduation and worked at Cosmopolitan before founding Bene, which she ran from 2005 to 2007. After Bene, Goddard wrote for Glamour, Elle, New York Magazine, and Cookie. Cup of Jo, her blog, was a weekend hobby. She married New York Times columnist Alex Williams on August 29, 2009. First son Toby was born in 2010, and second son Anton was born in 2013. Goddard announced her divorce from Williams on her blog in February 2023. She and her family live in Brooklyn.

Greetings from Jo’s Divorce Era Cup

Joanna Goddard, who established the Cup of Jo website, popularized the term “Brooklyn mom” and set the norm for a carefree style for working women. She revealed last week that she and her 13-year marriage to New York Times writer Alex Williams are divorcing. She told the news on her website with her customary grace, and it was met with both a tsunami of sincere support and a fair share of disbelief in the comments section.

Those who closely follow Joanna’s own Cup of Jo social media stream have seen that there have been few photos of Williams throughout the last year or two. However, the news was unexpected even by those Brooklyn parents who thought there could be a problem. I talked to a longstanding reader who stated she was “floored.” After reading about it, a friend who lives in Italy emailed me to report that she had a “physical reaction.” Another reader said, “We’ve all been following her for so long.”

When we spoke on the phone the day following the divorce announcement, Joanna made it clear that there had been “no big scandal,” no adultery, but the breakdown had come after three difficult years of growing apart.

Cup of Jo has stayed true to its original mission since its beginning 16 years ago while following the latest developments in digital media, including social content, video, outrage peddling, and more. A non-confrontational lifestyle blog for a following that has grown to feel like a sizable group of understanding female friends over time. Since 2008, I have been a reader of the site and have followed her journey through engagement, marriage, and the birth of her two kids. I have also followed her as Goddard has added other writers to the site while preserving its intimate feel. Only two other blogs come to mind: Smitten Kitchen and These two have been consistently reliable for such a long time.

Cup of Jo is the internet version of a well-lit, spacious, visually beautiful Nancy Meyers movie kitchen. As the industry norm, Goddard affirms that “a really huge percentage” of readers still search for “cup of jo” via their online browsers rather than via social media. Goddard: “It feels very cozy and old-school.”

Readers find Joanna’s editorial character intriguing because of its enigmatic nature. Blog post “How gorgeous is my girlfriend’s nail polish?” can only be published by Jo. She can have it perceived as fluff and as profound and essential. “It’s a branch of science that only she knows how to do,” as my buddy Kate described it. Cup of Jo is surprisingly un-annoying after decades of women’s media-saturated with patronizing, exaggerated, pandering, and hollow neo-feminist platitudes. After spending a day online, navigating to the website might make you feel like Goldilocks, who can finally sample the perfect porridge.

Joanna has remarkable power over her readers; once she recommends a product, it usually sells out in minutes. When I asked if she would cause a mass divorce of women, she laughed it off, but I have a feeling that she knows I’m not mistaken. We discussed “parallel parenting,” her divorce, and her local celebrity status. This exchange has been trimmed.



What is your current living situation?

Alex lives in a Los Angeles-style loft. Looks like “him.” He’ll move to a new flat as it’s temporary. But we’ll trade lists. ‘”Look, this place has a gym in the building!” A. “This light is so beautiful!”

Are you continuing to reside at your Cobble Hill home?

Yes, here is where I want to live and die. This home has my undying affection. As a result, the boys alternate.

Does coffee improve mood and increase productivity?

Indeed, research indicates that consuming modest amounts of caffeine may enhance mood and cognitive abilities. But to fully benefit, moderation is essential.

Is “a cup of jo” related to any health benefits?

Yes, in fact! Antioxidant-rich, “a cup of jo” has several health advantages, including a decreased risk of certain illnesses.

Can a caffeine-sensitive person have “a cup of jo”?

Of course! Select decaffeinated beverages to enjoy the full taste of “a cup of jo” without the caffeine rush.

In Summary

In the world of “a cup of jo,” every moment is a chance to appreciate, bond, and rejoice. May every cup of coffee you take remind you of the complex tapestry woven into this classic beverage as you set off on your coffee adventure.

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