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PSA: It’s officially sundress season. We wouldn’t blame you—we would too—if your virtual shopping basket is now filled with a few gowns. It’s a summertime rite of passage to wear a dress, especially on that first day that rises above eighty degrees. We’re all about black summer dresses this year, even though they might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you picture a summer dress. Yes, you read it correctly.

Five Style Ideas for Black Dresses

A black dress is always appropriate for practically any occasion and any season. Check out these outfit suggestions to see how you can make the most of your black dress:

  • In warmer weather, dress casually. While summertime attire typically calls for more vivid, brilliant hues, you may also go for a stylish, laid-back style by teaming a strapless black dress with white shoes. You’ll be set for the beach or farmer’s market if you carry a tote bag and don a summer hat.
  • For the workplace, add a blazer and leggings. You can wear a black dress to work as well. For smart casual offices, pair your black dress with tights, booties, and a blazer. For workwear, dresses with modest necklines are ideal.
  • For a night out, put on a leather jacket. Just like black dresses, leather jackets complement many body types, so you may accessorize your casual ensemble by teaming your black dress with a colorful leather jacket.
  • For a romantic evening, consider dressing up. For a night out or more formal gatherings, wear a black midi dress with heels and other more ostentatious accessories, such as jewelry, to complete the look.
  • Add knee-high boots to round off your ensemble. You can choose a variety of shoes with your black cocktail dress. In warmer months, heels can be worn, while in cooler months, knee-high boots look beautiful, especially when paired with a shorter midi dress.

Accessorizing a Black Dress: A Guide

A basic black dress is the ideal blank canvas on which you may create your unique accessories to add color. Take into account these options for your accessories:

  • Put on a vibrant belt: A belt can draw attention to your waistline or offer a burst of color over a drab dress. In the summer: try matching your clothing with a belt that complements the color of your sun hat.
  • Include eye-catching earrings: Your little black dress can look great with earrings, especially on more formal occasions.
  • Put on a necklace: A striking necklace can serve as a personal touch and provide attention to your ensemble.
  • Put a denim jacket on: A denim jacket can be worn with more relaxed black dresses composed of cotton, linen, or lighter materials for a more relaxed and easygoing style.
  • Don a cross-body purse: For dressier events, a clutch purse may be more sophisticated, but a crossbody bag complements more laid-back styles and provides a convenient spot to hold your wallet, phone, and other items.

Three Style Advice for Black Dresses

To get the most out of your black dress, consider these styling suggestions:

  • Wear clothing that you feel at ease in. The black dress is available in almost every clothing brand, though sizes may differ from store to store. Check the garment’s precise measurements before making a purchase online, and make sure to try the dress on in person to ensure that it fits and makes you feel confident.
  • Dress entirely in black. Dressing entirely in black is a straightforward method to accessorize a black dress. Try dressing completely black by teaming your LBD with a black leather jacket, black heels, and/or black leggings.
  • Be aware of the attire requirements. There are formal and informal black dresses. The cocktail dress, often known as the party dress, is a knee-length or slightly shorter semi-formal dress design. Cocktail dresses are ideal for your standard cocktail party, as the name suggests. The little black dress (LBD) was created by Coco Chanel in 1926, and since then, it has become a wardrobe mainstay and the standard party dress. For formal black tie events and occasions like these, longer, more conservative black gowns are more acceptable.

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Accessorizing a Black Summer Dress


Everybody has a go-to pair of summer sandals—or several, but who’s keeping track? Sandals guarantee that the ensemble leans summery (instead of something like a pair of loafers, which would lean a bit more chilly-weather appropriate). A black summer dress and sandals are a match made in heaven. The allure of pairing sandals with a black dress is that they go perfectly with any hue or style.

A Button-Up

A button-up, which is the summertime equivalent of a jacket, may be worn as an additional layer over all of your favorite ensembles when you need more coverage (or more warmth if you know you’ll be in the air conditioning). Your black summer dress might also be fine for an office OOTD with the addition of a button-up.

Boots for Cowboys

Choose cowboy boots to go with your black dress if you’re ready to embrace your inner coastal cowgirl. It’s a surprising decision, thus styling points will be awarded for it.

Your Go-To Eyewear

A pair of sunglasses complete any summertime ensemble. You can choose your favorite pair, but we think it will look extra stylish if you wear a white pair against your black dress.

An Item of Denim

There are countless ways to style denim jackets, so you’re in luck! They’re always in. The vibes are perfect for a late-night stroll on the beach or a sunset BBQ when worn with a summer dress.

An Assault Vehicle

Choose to wear a jacket over your black summer dress when the weather isn’t too hot. Wearing one made of linen will enhance the summery vibe and make it appropriate for both business workdays and nighttime events.

Black Summertime Dresses

A Scarf, Strappy Shoes, and a Flowing Dress

Have you ever had the impression that something is lacking in your attire even though it is complete? You can get around it by accessorizing your outfit with a silk scarf. Any fantastic summer ensemble may be enhanced and made whole by a silk scarf, whether it’s wrapped around your wrist, wrapped in your hair, or wrapped around the handle of your purse. A silk scarf would look amazing with a black flowy dress, making it the ideal ensemble for a romantic evening out.

An Oversized Dress and Flat Sandals

A basic black cami maxi dress looks well with other upgraded basics that are plain but stylish. When it comes to summertime accessories, a great pair of flat sandals and eye-catching sunglasses are essential. This type of maxi dress is perfect for wearing to the beach, or for a stroll during a gorgeous summer sunset. Your casual summer ensemble is complete when you pull your hair back into a straightforward bun.

A Transparent Dress Paired with Silver Accents and Western Boots

Since sheer patterns are currently all the rage, why not go all out this summer and don an entirely sheer dress? The undergarments you wear it with will entirely dictate how risqué it is. If you’re going to a concert, you can go all out with a bikini or matching underwear set, or you can keep it casual with a bodysuit or slip dress. Go all out with your accessorizing by teaming your translucent black dress with western boots that reach your knees and shimmering metallic trinkets.

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