Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders, the head coach of Colorado’s football team, displayed a little bit of his temper during the postgame press conference on Saturday at Arizona State.

Colorado’s Team

His group upset the Sun Devils 27-24 to win the game. But he did not want to succeed in this manner, not with another sluggish start, more subpar blocking, and an Arizona State touchdown drive of 94 yards to tie the game in the dying seconds.

Why Deion Sanders Apologize

Afterward, Sanders stated, “I apologize for my anger tonight, but I don’t expect mediocrity.

He declared himself “sick of it.” He also avoided raising his voice, but after that, he needed to vent about a few things. Even after losing the previous week, when his team returned from a 27-point deficit against Southern California before falling short 48-41, he appeared much more dissatisfied following this victory. When asked what he said to his squad later, he, too, placed the blame on himself.

“I’ve delivered every type of message you can fathom,” he stated. Not just the team, either. We are all like this. This includes the coaches and myself.

What happened in the game?

Before getting more clutch quarterback play from Sanders’ son Shedeur in front of a reported 54,086 spectators at Mountain America Stadium, the Buffaloes (4-2) got into an early hole as usual. With 12 seconds left, Colorado’s Alejandro Mata converted a 43-yard field goal straight through the uprights to seal the victory.

However, the Buffs’ coach was also displeased with them since they committed eight penalties, allowed five sacks, and hardly even managed to kick the ball through the end zone on kickoffs.

“I don’t know how everyone else’s kickers kick the ball out of the end zone but ours,” he stated.

Shedeur Sanders made up for it by carrying the team on his back and going 26 of 42 for 239 yards and a touchdown. In the second quarter, he added another touchdown run of 16 yards to knot the score at 14-14.

Deion Sanders stated, “I expect to win, and I intend to win in a better manner than that. “I’m tired of the penalties and other actions we take and the persistent gaps we keep showing. We’ve significantly improved.

Despite bringing the Buffs within two victories of bowl eligibility in his first season in charge—just one season after they were 1-11—Deion Sanders reeled off these complaints. A rise in irritation stemming from a failure to do better than just OK rather than a failure to win is all a part of Coach Prime’s portfolio.

What else did Deion Sanders say?

Sanders has a grudge towards starting slowly because he preached against it during the week leading up to the game. Shedeur Sanders was sacked twice in as many snaps after Shedeur Sanders’ team, Arizona State (1-5), had a 7-0 lead during the game’s first drive. Colorado lost possession of the ball on four of its first five attempts and trailed 17-14 at the break.

Deion Sanders commented, “Played like hot garbage.” “I’m attempting to understand this. I’m over it. I am, indeed. I’m tired of us showing in here and exerting the same effort we did in the first half.

On its second drive of the game, his team answered by covering 75 yards in 16 plays to tie the score at 7-7. When a reporter questioned him about the second drive, Deion Sanders wanted to remember what came before.

It all comes down to expectations. His expectations are high after a successful career as a two-sport standout and Pro Football Hall of Famer.

I apologize for being impatient, he said. “I don’t have a lot of life patience. Just ask my kids.

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The sacking of Shedeur Sanders

Shedeur Sanders was one of those youngsters. Arizona State racked up five sacks against him, adding to the elite-level beating he’s already received this year despite coming into the game with a completion percentage of 74.8 that ranked sixth nationally.

Colorado was second only to Old Dominion with 26 sacks allowed heading into the game (27).

The reliance on Shedeur Sanders

Shedeur Sanders was again sacked near the conclusion of the third quarter, this time for a loss of 17 yards on a third down. He eventually trudged back to the sideline and sat on the bench with his head in his hands.

It was like, “It’s time,” Shedeur remarked, “and I’m on the sidelines frustrated.” It’s time to use every measure necessary to achieve victory.

After that, he took control, lowering his shoulder once during a drive to run over an ASU defender and inspire his squad. With 14:32 remaining, he helped the Buffaloes go 61 yards in seven plays, culminating in a 9-yard touchdown pass to receiver Javon Antonio that helped Colorado gain a 21-17 advantage.

After that third-quarter sack, Colorado could score on three of its final four drives, which was enough to secure the victory in an unfamiliar setting for the Buffs. Before it was dark, the temperature was close to 100 degrees. Furthermore, it was less loud than the previous five games, which drew significant national audiences to Fox, ESPN, or ABC. Contrarily, this game versus unranked ASU was broadcast on the Pac-12 Networks. It has a smaller audience reach, making it more difficult for viewers to catch Shedeur’s Superman performance on Saturday night.

Deion Sanders remarked, “It’s like we’re waiting for him to don his cape and do what he does. He performs that each week. By now, you guys ought to be used to it.

The defensive lapse

Deion Sanders might take solace in that his team’s defense held up well in the second half—at least until the final minutes when it abruptly collapsed. After Colorado gained a 21–17 lead, the Buffs even forced ASU to punt the ball back after three straight plays. This gave Colorado punt returner Xavier Weaver the ball, and early in the fourth quarter, he raced 51 yards upfield to the ASU 25–yard line.

Deion Sanders stated, “He’s unhappy with hit after hit after collision. “You think he’s content being the most sacked player in college football and still performing to the best of his abilities? He’s had enough of it.

“What about the first drive?” questioned Deion Sanders. The first two plays? How do you start a quarterback like this in a game like that?

At this moment, Colorado practically had the game in hand. However, another Shedeur sack put the Buffs in trouble and this time, they needed Mata to save them with a 42-yard field goal to give Colorado a 24-17 lead with 10:13 to go.

From there, all the Buffs had to do was defend the fort. But they were unable to.

Deion Sanders stated, “First of all, there’s no way a team should drive (94) yards on us to tie the game. “No way. No way!”

With 50 seconds left, the Sun Devils tied the game at 24-24 after starting at their 6-yard line and moving the ball 13 times. Trenton Bourguet, the quarterback for ASU, directed the drive. He completed 32 of 49 passes for 335 yards and one touchdown, a 15-yard ball to the right corner to end the 94-yard march.

Fortunately for the Buffs, they had Mata, the kicker who traveled from Jackson State with Deion Sanders, Shedeur, and a few other players.

Mata don’t miss

With 50 seconds left, Shedeur regained possession of the ball. On the first play, he went deep to Antonio, who had sprinted past his defender close to the left sideline. He carried it for 43 yards, advancing Colorado to the ASU 32-yard line.

“Losing is just not in me,” Shedeur Sanders declared. We would succeed if given the chance. We will win if it is not already too late in the game.

After three plays, Mata received the order to attempt the game-winning field goal with 18 seconds remaining. Arizona State even called a timeout to frighten him. It was a failure.

Deion Sanders stated, “You can call a timeout and freeze him all you want. “To Mata, that means nothing. That is who Mata is. In addition, he consistently tells me, “I don’t miss,” when I approach him and hug him. And because I adore it, I told him to keep doing it.

He did. He danced, lifted his arms, and kicked the game-winning goal. He has now made four straight field goals for Colorado.

“Mata, don’t miss,” Deion Sanders commanded.

He was somewhat pleased by that. Stanford will be Colorado’s upcoming home opponent on Friday. The Buffs have another week of repairs before that, exactly like last week.

He declared, “I’m sick of it, so we’ve flipped practices, had attentive meetings, and we’re trying to figure this out.”

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