Clive Barker

Horror and fantasy have been shaped by British author, director, and visual artist Clive Barker. Over his long career, Barker’s creativity has earned him critical acclaim and wealth.

This article details Clive Barker’s fascinating life and work. Clive Barker’s net worth, important works, and contributions to literature, film, and art are discussed.

Full NameClive Barker
Popular NameClive Barker
Birth DateOctober 5, 1952
Birth PlaceLiverpool, England
Net Worth$12 million
Source of WealthWriting, directing, visual art

Clive Barker’s Net Worth?

12 Million Dollars

What does Clive Barker earn? An English author and director, Clive Barker is worth $12 million. Clive Barker is probably best known for horror fiction. His major job is authoring books. Many books and short stories have been authored by Barker. Hellraiser and Candyman are popular horror movie franchises. Barker directed and produced Hellraiser and Candyman. Horror films like Nightbreed were directed by him.

Barker has mostly written, but lately, he scripts Underworld and Rawhead Rex. Because his films are experimental, strange, and avant-garde, his loyal fan base is even more impressive. Barker also likes comics. Marvel released Razorline comics in 1993 based on Barker’s elaborate ideas and character sketches. This fulfilled his lifetime dream. These comics, including Ectokid and Saint Sinner, were likewise cult.

Early life

Liverpool-born Barker was the son of painter and school welfare worker Joan Ruby (née Revill) and industrial relations personnel director Leonard Barker. Dovedale Primary School, Quarry Bank High School, and Liverpool University taught him English and philosophy.

Barker saw French skydiver Léo Valentin die at a Liverpool air show when he was three. He referenced Valentin in several stories.

School Years of Clive Barker

He was born October 5, 1952, in Liverpool, England. Born into a working-class family, he was always artistic. He studied English literature and philosophy at Liverpool University before dropping out to write.

Working history of Clive Barker

In 2002, Barker published “The Books of Blood,” his debut. Six books of short stories covered a variety of terrifying and supernatural topics. These stories earned Barker critical and reader recognition. His best-known books are “Weaveworld,” “Imajica,” and “The Damnation Game.” His stories often address sexuality, violence, and evil.

Barker also directed and wrote movies. He directed “Hellraiser” on film. He made horror films like “Nightbreed,” “Lord of Illusions,” and “Candyman.” His plays, including Olivier Award-nominated “The History of the Devil,” are popular.

Personal life

Barker worked as a male escort in his early literary career when his writing wasn’t paying. The 15th GLAAD Media Awards awarded him the Davidson/Valentini Award in 2003.

Barker is critical of institutional religion yet says the Bible inspires his art and spirituality. Years later, he denied being a Christian on Facebook.

Barker reported in a December 2008 web interview (released in March 2009) that his throat polyps were so serious that a doctor told him he was only breathing 10%. Two surgeries to remove them improved his voice, he says. He denied cancer and quit smoking.

Barker fell into a coma for many days in 2012 after acquiring toxic shock syndrome from a dental leak that almost killed him. Realizing he may not live long, he incorporated his world and social concerns into Deep Hill, which he thought would be his last book.

  • He joined the Hollywood Horror Museum board of advisers in 2015

Life in Private for Clive Barker

For his whole career, Barker has been out and proudly gay. He has spent more than two decades with David Armstrong, his present companion. Barker has been a vocal supporter of LGBT rights and has stressed the value of media representation:

Condition and Death of Clive Barker

Clive Barker is thankfully alive and well. In recent years, no significant illnesses or health difficulties were reported.

The Clive Barker Estate

Barker lives in Los Angeles. He sold his Beverly Hills property for $7.75 million in 2011.

Clive Barker’s Legacy

Barker’s horror fiction accomplishments are immeasurable. His writing has affected many authors, filmmakers, musicians, and artists. His creations like Candyman from the namesake film and Pinhead from the “Hellraiser” trilogy are horror icons.


British author, director, and visual artist Clive Barker has accumulated a large net worth through his prolific and revolutionary career. Barker’s horror and fantasy writing is admired globally. He also succeeded in movies and art.

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