Cher has been singing and performing for 60 years, yet she has never released a Christmas CD. “I just didn’t want to,” she added. It was unclear how I would fit in. I couldn’t imagine Christmas music and Cher getting along.”

Cher abruptly altered her mind. “Christmas,” released Friday, is a 13-track holiday romp with guest performances from Stevie Wonder, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Bublé, Tyga, and Darlene Love, who reprises “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),” on which Cher sang backup aged 17.

After Paris Fashion Week, she called from California to discuss her love of helping homeless people (“Just going and sitting down on the sidewalk, talking and interacting; I loved it”), her trip to Pakistan to save an elephant (there’s a documentary), and Cherlato, her new gelato pop-up

Cher, 77, lost her longtime friend Tina Turner in May and her mother, Georgia Holt, at 96, just before the holidays last year. The album is dedicated to her. She is hopeful because of an unexpected affair with 40-year-old music producer Alexander Edwards, who inspired her to return to the studio. He produced “Christmas,” the Tyga collaboration.

He surprised her by getting T to be on “Drop Top Sleigh Ride,” a syncopated music that complemented her holiday party theme. She said, “I wanted to make something fun — Christmas needs to be that.” “It needs to be lighthearted because who knows what next Christmas will bring.”

Her memoir is challenging and time-consuming, and she performs. “I lived too long and did too much.”

How Were Your First Musical Conversations With Alexander?

His music talk and our music play are frequent. He knew my preferences from knowing me. Any record has chord progressions and tones that affect your body and emotions. He so accurately identified me. He said, Cher, you need to go—but he doesn’t call me Cher. He told her to return to the studio since she wasn’t done. Return what you have to the world. Oh, come on, buddy. But he meant it. He never requested production. It would be nice for him to perform it and for me to have a modern sound.

Your Relationship Began How?

Our anniversary was one year. We were in the same photo after the Ann Demeulemeester show during Fashion Week. Next, I visited Tina in Switzerland.

He texted after my friend handed him my number. This won’t work, man. Come on. He was kind. We became more when we saw each other after becoming friends. Still crazy.

I’m probably older than his mother. Though it doesn’t function on paper, it seems to work in our reality.

How Did You Album Prep?


I haven’t sung in years. I call Adrienne Angel, my amazing teacher, whom I love like the sun and moon. She’s 96 and my teacher since my 40s; I didn’t sing in movies. Bernadette Peters said she saved her during “Sunday in the Park with George.” Go to Bernadette to get your voice back, she advised. Just sounds like my voice. I wanted no key-lowering. That’s always the clue. My doctor claimed I have a 25-year-old girl’s vocal cords.

How Duplicating Cher’s Mistake Might Cost You ‘Tens of Thousands of Dollars’ At Work


Advocating for yourself at work might be painful, but Cher’s experience indicates that flying under the radar is worse.

Dr. Adia Gooden, a clinical psychologist who works with successful women, writes for CNBC Make It that self-doubt can cause procrastination, perfectionism, and burnout.

“Not getting raises and promotions can cost you tens of thousands of dollars over your career,” she warned.

Chief career happiness officer Julie Bauke of career advising business The Bauke Group agrees.

Bauke suggests using strong action verbs like “led” or “implemented” instead of passive phrases like “help” or “assisted” to describe your accomplishments.

Cher Discusses Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Snub


Cher Doesn’t Mince Words About Her Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Snub

In her Friday interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the singer voiced her disappointment at not being admitted into the Cleveland museum.

“You know what, I wouldn’t be in it now if they gave me a million dollars,” 77-year-old Cher told Kelly Clarkson. “I’m never going to change my mind.”

“They can just go you-know-what themselves,” she said.

Clarkson was surprised Cher wasn’t there. The studio audience gasped when the 41-year-old singer responded, “Wait, are you serious?” That is novel to me.”

“I’m not… kidding you,” Cher said. “I was going to say more. Almost said s—ting you!”

Cher became the first woman to have a No. 1 single for seven decades this month. DJ Play a Christmas Song topped Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Digital Song Sales list.

The Rolling Stones have had a Billboard No. 1 in every decade from the 1960s to the 2020s.

“It took four of them to be one of me,” she told Clarkson Friday.

“I changed music forever with ‘Believe,'” she said of her 1998 hit. The song, one of the best-selling in music history, popularized auto-tuning, which is still used today.


Cher’s net worth (born May 20, 1946, in El Centro, California) is an American entertainer who extended her teen pop fame into a recording, performing, and acting career.

After meeting Sonny Bono in Los Angeles when she was sixteen, Cher married him in 1964. In 1965, they began performing together and went on to sell more than three million copies of “I Got You Babe.” Despite having multiple hits, the duo was falling out of favor by the late 1960s. From 1971 until 1974, Sonny and Cher’s Comedy Hour helped elevate television. Cher’s solo profession progressed. After splitting up in 1974, Cher and Sonny cohosted once more in 1976–1977.

Cher became a successful nightclubgoer after Sonny left the entertainment industry and thought about acting once more. For her supporting parts in the Broadway and movie versions of Silkwood (1983), Jimmy Dean, and Come Back to the Five and Dime, she was nominated for an Oscar. She was awarded an Oscar in 1988 for her performance as an Italian American widow in Moonstruck (1987). Her other features included Suspect (1987), Tea with Mussolini (1999), and Mask (1985). In 2010, she portrayed a nightclub owner and performer opposite Christina Aguilera in Burlesque, and in 2011, she provided the voice of a lioness in Zookeeper. Cher starred in Mamma Mia! (2018)!

After Cher (1987) and Heart of Stone (1989), Cher’s career plummeted until Believe (1998) and Living Proof (2002) revived her. Her dance hit “Believe” won the 2000 Grammy. Cher’s lavish 2008–2011 Las Vegas residency showed her appeal. She began a Las Vegas and D.C. musical residency in 2017. Closer to Truth debuted in 2013. In 2018, the Kennedy Center honoree Cher.

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